Tải Game Highschool Girl Fat to Fit

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Cập nhật: 12 tháng 2, 2018
Cài đặt 500.000 - 1.000.000
Version hiện tại 1.0.0
Yêu cầu Android 2.3 trở lên

Mô tả Highschool Girl Fat to Fit v1.0.0

Because of the holidays, this high school girl got fat and she urgently needs to suit her special outfit for the school opening. You are assigned to be her personal trainer that will help her to gain the desired weight and aspect in a very short time. In this dress up game, you will be a fashion designer as much as a gym trainer. Put her to work and make sure she accomplish all the exercises you've recommended to her in order to lose weight as soon as possible. Follow the given instructions and try to do all the types of movements in the right order and using the proper procedure for each device aside. Once in a while, you will offer a pause to hydrate and to erase the sweat. Go through the whole circuit and get all the things done. When all the needed calories are burned you can move to feeding part which is an important step in an equilibrate life. You will have to cook the food that will be good for her condition but still has the proteins that her body requires. You will prepare a delicious chicken soup with vegetables that will be her meal after the training. Now that you have seen how the exercise and the cooking part should be done you can go to the dressing room. Choose a proper makeup, put on a dress that will help this girl stand out her silhouette now that she work so hard to have it. Add a pair of matching shoes, maybe some shiny accessories and don't forget to arrange the final touches.

There are many appealing features this game provides and you are able to check them in this rubric:
- Experience a wonderful gameplay
- Free to play
- Pretty accessories and great clothing
- Transform a messy girl into a beautiful teenager
- Be a fashion designer and a trainer too
- Cute clothing with unique details on
- Have fun playing interactive activities with a nice girl
- Discovering new types of exercises and why not, try them yourself
- Learning the importance of a good and healthy lifestyle
- Help a girl to regain her wished weight

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